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Contain and control oil spills with minimum loss.

NOFI Spill Raider Boom

NOFI Spill Raider Boom
NOFI Spill Raider Boom

The Spill Raider is an automatic inflatable oil containment boom designed to reduce deployment time, be mobilized using a minimum deck space, as well as being less resource-demanding. This represents the perfect solution for any offshore response vessel requesting a high-quality, easy-to-operate, and reliable automatic inflatable offshore oil containment boom. The technology behind the NOFI 1000 series was implemented when designing the Spill Raider, leaving this boom with the same increased flexibility regarding towing speed and maneuverability due to its superb wave-following characteristics.

The NOFI Spill Raider 800 Offshore Rapid Response Boom represents a significant step forward for customers requiring rapid deployment and retrieval, involving a minimum of personnel. The system is designed for use in open ocean areas, and it only takes one person to launch and retrieve. For a length of 300 m with an 800 mm freeboard, both deployment and retrieval time is approximately 15 minutes.

The NOFI Spill Raider can be operated at towing or water current speeds of up to 1,2 knots (ref. test in Ohmsett test tank). Both inflation and deflation is performed from the reel end of the boom (“single point inflation”). The boom has a heavy-duty PU/PVC fabric with excellent abrasion resistance, and thanks to a smooth surface it is very easy to clean.

During the development of the NOFI Spill Raider, great emphasis has been placed on safety in deployment and use. Redundancy has been built into the system so that if one functional part fails, the boom can still be operated due to a standby

NOFI 1000 Series

NOFI 1000 Series

The NOFI 1000 series consist of reliable manual inflatable oil containment booms specially designed for optimal performance under demanding coastal conditions. Due to its perfect design and superb wave-follower characteristics, the Ohmsett test has reported clearly established increased flexibility regarding towing speed and maneuverability. The NOFI 1000 series are available in 300, 450, and 600 mm freeboard for operation near coastal zones. While the 800 mm and 1000 mm freeboard is used for offshore operations.

Sea Sentry Boom

Sea Sentry Boom

SEA SENTRY II booms are constructed of the finest quality materials and workmanship. EFC has been constantly striving to stay ahead of the industry by using the best materials and designs available. EFC has over 60 years of experience with specialty flexible structures and over 25 years of experience manufacturing oil containment boom.

Tensile strength – is fabricated from 60 oz per square yard proprietary blend of Nitrile, adhesives, and vinyl. The resulting fabric has a certified tensile strength of 700 lb. an inch in length and 600 lb. an inch in width. The 1/2-inch hot galvanized ballast chain has a certified tensile strength of 45,000 lb. When combined, the ultimate assembly tensile strength will calculate to 87,000 lb. Recent testing by the US Navy and the private sector (MSRC) of the Sea Sentry boom documented un-paralleled adhesion, abrasion resistance, tear strength, and assembly tensile strength.

Warranty – carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all labor and materials. EFC’s quality system is rated MIL-Q-9858A. EFC fuel tanks are rated safe for flight items and are manufactured under the tightest levels of control. Sea Sentry II boom is fabricated to the same standards.

Section length– The standard section length of the Sea Sentry II boom is 110 feet. Custom lengths are available.

Expandi Boom

Sea Sentry Boom

Expandi Oil Boom is a self-inflatable type of oil boom and has outsold any other single type worldwide – more than 500,000 meters. The reason for its success, we believe, is its rapid, easy-to-handle boom system available. Expandi boom is inflated fully automatically, which means it is always ready for immediate use. The boom can be operated with any kind of reel system. However, we strongly recommend the Rolo Pac reel system, which is specially developed for the Expandi Oil Boom.



QT Environmental’s TechniBoom can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes with closed-cell foam and air-inflatable floatation. In addition to our standard models, QT Environmental can custom-build a boom to meet any application’s needs.


  • Wastewater pools
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Oceans


  • Wood pallet
  • Metal pallet
  • Boom trailers
  • ISO containers
  • Hydraulic reels